little and white

a lie, little and white.

it waits, she waits

the hour hand, the minute

the second-hand sweeps creating the new moments clean slate

A ploy. rehearsed and unclever

overwritten and under staged

you are the star,  I the understudy

you sparkle, glisten;, I press against the bars of an invisible cage

how long do you  plan to hold me

beneath your narcissism, you nonsense, your spite

how long will I allow you

there can be no champion if there is no  fight

a line, forged yet fine

finds you rooted, restless, reaching

beads of fear, sour and seeping

line lips silent and un speaking

a lie. little and white

keeping pace with the measures of wait

sweeping,  patiently sweeping

until it arrives, final, focused…checkmate







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