Standing beside, outside

And so it begins,
The parched wait, nettling and chafe
My stance shifts from pleased to sullen
My tongue silenced by a bite once unsafe
A longing begins, slow, sour, seeping
It pulses, it fades, hot then icy, stabbing my skin
It rushes in to drown me, then recedes
It weighs on me, exhausting, a phantom limb
You turn away, for now unseeing
You pull in your expansiveness, petulant and taut
Even close, for you there will be no reaching
“Please” all of you whispers, “I cannot risk to unravel, unknot”
And so it understood
I retreat. This you will finish on your own
I seige my thoughts, quell my doubts, stand viligent
And when all is vindicated, I will gather you up and carry you home.

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